About Brandy Huff, MBA

Originally from Kearney, Ontario, Brandy has lived in Toronto for 10 years, and has spent the last four years living in Ward 16 with her husband Tom. Brandy and Tom recently welcomed an addition to their family with the birth of their daughter Ava. With Ava’s future in mind, Brandy’s main concerns with the Toronto public school system are:

  • Class Sizes: we need smaller class sizes to help our children learn
  • School Zone Safety: our children need to get to and from school safely
  • Outdated Curriculum: our children need to be prepared to thrive in the diverse and modern community we live in
  • Lack of Funding: funding should reflect the needs of our growing community

Brandy worked with children as a drama improvisation teacher at Toronto’s beloved The Second City comedy theatre before beginning her career in the public service, working at both the municipal and provincial levels. Brandy is an active member of our Ward 16 community, representing Beaches-East York through our Federal Member of Parliament’s executive board, volunteering at school fun fairs, and attending community meetings and events to ensure her family’s voice is heard.

For a complete outline of Brandy’s experience, check out her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandyhuff

“Brandy would be an excellent representative for us on the TDSB. As a parent, a communicator and a community-engaged activist, she is just what we need to be sure Beaches-East York schools get the attention they deserve.”

pic with potts.jpg

Arthur Potts, former MPP, Beaches-East York

“I am pleased to wholeheartedly support Brandy Huff as the TDSB Trustee for Beaches-East York. Brandy has the experience needed to ensure your issues get addressed by decision-makers and understands how to make positive change within government. I can tell you first hand, Brandy is committed to fighting for families in our community and will do whatever it takes to make your voices heard.”


Dr. Eric Hoskins, Chair, Federal Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare