Brandy’s Priorities For Our Schools

If elected, Brandy is committed to listening to your concerns about our children’s schools and representing our community’s voice to influence positive change we can all be proud of. These are her top priorities based on what she’s heard so far:

More Resources for Students

  • Expand supports that encourage academic, behavioural and social growth for all students
  • Create more afterschool childcare programs in schools
  • Eliminate school overcrowding and create smaller classroom sizes
  • Advocate for a sex-ed curriculum that includes consent, cybersafety and LGBTQ inclusive material

Safer and Stronger Schools

  • Fight for more infrastructure funding from the provincial government to repair our crumbling schools
  • Work with municipal government to improve school zone safety so our children can get to and from school safely by prioritizing Ward 16 in the City’s Vision Zero initiative

Better Transparency and Community Input

  • Create more online and in-person opportunities for community members to voice their interests and concerns
  • Improve the participatory planning process to ensure new infrastructure developments are appropriate for our community’s growing needs